You will be guided by our expert team to develop your profile ready for clients to view and book you for jobs.

1 HOUR SESSION : Powerful and impactful one on one guidance

2 OUTFITS: (Talent Own)

First: White Tee and Jeans (Standard Compulsory)

Second: Your choice between (choose one)

- Summer Casual Shirt/Dress

- Formal/Business Wear

Learn the techniques of shooting great photos and video to attract many client types.

What you get:
30+ Edited Images
1 x Edited Video Introduction
One on One Guidance
Verified bookd! Profile


Here's what you can expect to gain from this SPEAKING workshop:

1. Confidence Boost:
Overcome stage fright and build confidence in your ability to be on camera for photos and video.
2. The Art Of Movement:
Learn how to move for photos, fluidity is key to capturing natural photos. The team will guide you on how to develop the various skills needed to look natural for camera.
3. Expression Mastery
Unleashing your fear and letting go will bring out the best in you and allow you to attract many different clients.
4. Photo & Video Motion:
Understand the power of your nonverbal communication through your expression, movement and timing to show a variety of gestures, facial expressions, and body language that will attract all the various client types viewing your profile
5. Video Casting:
Enhance your “book ability”, stand out to clients. Create the ultimate video introduction providing scene movement and expression for clients to imagine you are their next superstar

1 hour can change your profile, your opinion of yourself and you will walk out exuding confidence and excited for your next steps ahead!